Tire Repair

tire repair kissimmee

At your facility, on the road, or at our Kissimmee location, Kissimmee Tire Service offers complete and efficient truck tire repairs. Our services for Passenger Tire Repair include:

  • Flat Repairs
  • Tire Installation and Repairs
  • Retreads
  • Torque Wheels to Manufacturers Specs
  • Modern Tire Changing & Balancing Equipment
  • Tire Repairs to Tire Industry Guidelines

We also carry new and used tires for your, passenger car, light truck, tractor, transport truck, SUV's

lawn equipment, OTR, RV and ATV.

We provide Emergency Roadside Commercial Tire Repair Service throughout Central Florida and surrounding areas.  We offer Flat Tire Service for Transport Trucks, RVs, Medium Duty, OTR and Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Kissimmee Tire Service can help enhance wheel safety so you can get back on the road.

24-Hour Emergency Services Available

(407) 818-4877